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09/25/2003 New Poster
Another new poster is available. You can find it here.
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09/24/2003 Hard Sell for Election Vendors
Diebold Election Systems, known for the vote-vending equipment used in many states, has been forced to silence a critical web site.

The blackboxvoting.org web site was disabled after Diebold alleged copyright infringement.

Diebold's machines have come under fire in recent months as awareness of security flaws has spread. Although critics contend that the flaws allow easy manipulation of elections, Diebold's supporters dismiss those claims.

The voting machines are kept sealed against public inspection, a measure which, according to overseers elected by the machines, ensures security of election results.
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09/24/2003 New Decal
A new decal is available. You can find it here.
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09/23/2003 New Poster
A new poster is available. You can find it here.
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09/22/2003 New Sticker
We've added a bumper sticker to the advocacy materials section. You can find it here.
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09/02/2003 New Postcard
We've added a postcard to the advocacy materials section. You can find it here.
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08/27/2003 Rules of Composition Violated
A former Oklahoma high-school student is being prosecuted for a document he authored in 2002.

Brian Robertson had found a paragraph entitled "Evacuation Plans" on a school computer. In a fit of unchaperoned creative writing, Robertson added to the paragraph. The result, leading to his arrest on charges of typing to endanger, was a fictional plan describing an armed attack on the school.

Searches of Robertson's property and that of his parents revealed nothing to indicate an actual attack plan. Furthermore, the document described past events which had never occurred. While Robertson's supporters claim this as factual exoneration -- proving that the document is, in fact, a work of fiction -- prosecutors see it as damning evidence of creativity gone awry. As spoken by an Assistant District Attorney involved in the case, "if this is fiction, then it goes too far."
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08/22/2003 Pain Implies Guilt
Former prisoners of the military detention camps in Cuba and Afghanistan have claimed abuse at the hands of their captors.

The United States military operates a prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where over 600 captives are being held pending celestial confirmation of guilt. Due to the risk that accused terrorists might be released on the technicality of innocence, the prison is run outside of U.S. court jurisdiction.

Prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay camp and another at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan complained of human-rights violations, including involuntary drug injections, sleep deprivation, and temporary pain induction. The public statements came as a harsh reminder that patriotic submission, as a popular ideal, maintains its detractors in some circles of society.

[Editor's Note: I mean, come on, what's a little non-permanent torture between friends?

It's not like they didn't deserve it. Of course it isn't our place to question, but we can surely assume that a fair, unbiased, honest military advisor assessed the prisoners' transgressions; they wouldn't be held in prison for two years straight if they hadn't done something bad.

What this is really about is the failure of so-called "human-rights supporters" to recognize the legitimate rule of law. When we see a witch, do we give her some long, complicated trial before throwing her in the fire? In the same manner, when we've found an obvious terrorist, should we sit around debating rules of evidence and listening to self-important shrieks of innocence?]

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08/14/2003 Voter Demands Cheaply Satisfied
In the wake of a public uproar over electronic voting fraud, the Governor of Maryland has ordered an audit of his state's own voting systems.

Maryland's voting machines, like many other states', are manufactured by Diebold Election Systems. An independent third party will be auditing the machines for potential security vulnerabilities.

The machines work by applying a sophisticated addition algorithm. Due to the proprietary nature of this information, Diebold has required the auditing company to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Similar concerns have permitted Diebold's election machines to remain sealed from public view with the blessing of authorities.

While the audit indicates a step away from election industry sovereignty, insiders note that -- because of the essentially secret nature of the machines -- alterations after the audit will easily return election control to the invisible hands best suited for it.
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08/13/2003 Cameras Enforce Toilet Etiquette
The city of Wilton Manors, Florida, is being sued for videotaping a man in a park's public bathroom.

Police had charged the man with public exposure based on evidence recorded in the bathroom. Charges were later dropped.

[Editor's Note: What kind of crazy world is it where a little bathroom peeping can get police in trouble? Furthermore, what business does someone have exposing excretory organs in a public bathroom?

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom not ridden by crime, yet Wilton Manors at least has the vision and the optimism to attempt it. For this they deserve our praise, not the censure of misguided lawsuits.

How frequently it seems our appointed officials are questioned; how rarely we notice the selflessness of their motives. Urinary supervision is a privilege. It's about time we treated it like one.]

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